Pay attention: you have to write down the data provided for the Mago installation. 

Required data for registration

VAT Number

We will use this datum to verify whether an existing Mago registration matches the inserted VAT number

Serial number/Subscription key

Serial number of the Mago Desktop you have installed at your company, or, in the case of MagoCloud, the subscription code.

Licensee mail

Your e-mail address as registered with us when the product was activated.

If you have problems finding the data you need to enter, please contact your dealer to obtain the required information.
Alternatively, you can contact Customer Care.

Data validation:

VAT Number:

You must enter your VAT number as it was indicated when you purchased Mago. In case of problems, please contact Customer Care or your Partner, who will help you verify your data.

Insert the code shown in the image:

Zucchetti S.p.A. informs that the data sent/displayed shall be handled in accordance with the Law (UE) 2016/69 (GDPR) regarding data protection and handling.

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